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  • Why African Bagg Recruitment

    Why African Bagg Recruitment?


    African Bagg Recruitment’s core strengths lie in our unique ability to adapt to our clients’ varied requirements. We offer a bespoke service, which is purely driven by our client’s specific needs.

    Our clients are delivered with exceptional human talent that adds value to their organisation. We provide the best ‘fit’ for that particular organization’s culture and long-term goals.

    Our speed of hire, extensive database, in-depth knowledge of industry, country and business knowledge have enabled us to become a strategic partner to many HR departments.

    Additional Services:


    We get to know your ambitions, skills experience, ideal package and personality, in order to provide you with relevant positions.

    Upon receiving your CV, we initially:

    • Work towards grasping a firm understanding of your career needs.
    • Examine our current opportunities.
    • Match you with clients and relevant vacancies.
    • Once done, contact will then be made in order to facilitate job prospects.

    If we don’t find an immediate match, we will save your information in our database. Whenever we receive new opportunities, we continually review CVs in our database to see if we have a match.

    Our strong network of relationships will get you seen, if your CV comes from us!

    Additional Services:

    • CV building/optimisation workshop
    • Interview preparation
    • Training
    New Jobs
    Upload your CV as new positions are filled quickly.

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