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    TrainingOur consultancy and training service thrives on the principle of developing and delivering high-quality training and building a strong human resource capacity for companies.
    We provide the requisite knowledge and skills for all professionals to improve their work performance, communication abilities and other skills necessary for achieving company goals and objectives.
    Our core strength lies in our ability to weave well-tailored and customized training programs to fit into the fabrics of a company’s practices, culture and experience.

    Some of our training includes:
    • Accounting and financial statement integration
    • Advance Financial Modeling
    • Attitude
    • Capital Budgeting Using Excel
    • Customer Service
    • Decision Making For Management Accountants
    • Effective Communication Skills at Work
    • Effective Report Writing
    • IT & Audit Report Writing
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher etc.)
    • Presentation Skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Tax Advisory Training
    • Time Management (Getting Organized)

    Some of our clients are: SSNIT, HFC, Ministry Energy.






    Ghana Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

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