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    7 Essential Tips for Working From Home During the Corona virus Pandemic. (4/28/2020) -                         In the midst of the new corona virus pandemic, many companies are implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. That means lots of us are dealing with an unusual
    Bad Habits That Can Cost You Your Job (II) (12/17/2012) - 4. Tardiness If you constantly arrive late to work, or return late from breaks, it displays an attitude of complacency and carelessness. Be prompt or even a bit early to show that you are time conscious and that you do
    Bad Habits That Can Cost You Your Job (I) (12/10/2012) - 1. Procrastination. “This habit can seriously hurt you in a work setting,” says Dr. Katharine Brooks, director of Liberal Arts Career Services at The University of Texas at Austin and author of You Majored in What? Mapping Your Path from
    Your Body Language Speaks for You(II) (11/29/2012) - • Am I angry? If you are, just take time out. Anger doesn’t play well with any form of communication, non-verbal and verbal alike. • Am I fidgeting? If you’re fairly still and listening then all is probably well. But
    Your Body Language Speaks for You(I) (11/12/2012) - Besides our choice of words and the volume and tone of a voice, gestures, posture and facial expressions all convey powerful messages to the people we are talking to, which is precisely why everyone pays close attention to other people’s
    MOVING ON TO THE RIGHT JOB. (11/5/2012) - If you’ve decided it’s time to move on, consider what you really want from your next role. Self Evaluation Self-evaluation is critical but often overlooked when you start thinking about finding a job. Take some time to assess what you’ve
    BEAUTY FOODS THAT WILL KEEP YOU GLOWING FOR YOUR JOB INTERVIEW (PART 3) (9/19/2012) - Though recent research has found that ginkgo biloba does not improve memory, don’t worry — B vitamins, like vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, are still proven to help your memory, focus, and overall brain health and power. Folic acid,
    BEAUTY FOODS THAT WILL KEEP YOU GLOWING FOR YOUR JOB INTERVIEW (PART 2) (9/6/2012) - Your brain needs a healthy supply of essential fatty acids, or omega-3 fatty acids, for it to function optimally. These fats are the primary building block for brain tissue and help you stay focused, supply oxygen to the brain, protect
    TIME MANAGEMENT (7/5/2012) - WHAT IS TIME MANAGEMENT? Time management is an essential skill that helps you keep your work under control, at the same time it helps you keep stress to a minimum. We would all love to have an extra couple of
    What makes a good CV? (6/29/2012) - There is no single “correct” way to write and present a CV but the following general rules apply: It is targeted on the specific job or career area for which you are applying and brings out the relevant skills you
    Are You Prepared For Tricky Behavioral Interview Questions Like These? (6/29/2012) - What have you learned from your mistakes? DISCUSSION: Show that you are able to learn from your mistakes, but don’t offer up any negative examples concerning your past performance. Show that you have been successful, but that you have the
    INTERVIEW BODY LANGUAGE (2/7/2012) - From the moment an interviewer sees you; they form an impression about what sort of person you are, and what kind of employee you would make. This is because even when we are not speaking, we are communicating. The way
    Taking Initiative in the Workplace (8/31/2011) - “There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” – Mary Kay Ash, American businesswoman “Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.”
    Questions you should ask and not ask in an interiview (8/23/2011) - You should ask questions throughout an interview. Doing so will ensure that the meeting is a two-way process and that it will take form of a conversation. emailprint
    Jobs that Motivate (8/16/2011) - There are five factors of that typically contribute to people’s enjoyment of a job: Skill Variety – Increasing the number of skills that individuals use while performing work. Task Identity – Enabling people to perform a job from start to
    What to wear to a job interview (7/27/2011) - emailprint
    Interview dos and don’ts (7/26/2011) - emailprint
    Seven Common Interview Mistakes. (7/21/2011) - Nervous about an upcoming job interview? It’s understandable. You can ease much of the stress by doing some preparation work. Seven common interview pitfalls and advice for sidestepping them: 1. Forgetting to expect the unexpected. Alarm clock failures, traffic jams
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