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    An international Solar systems and asset financing company that uses mobile technology to provide consumer-financing solutions for solar and other products to low-income customers in West Africa. The management team has started several companies in Ghana, and their last company was acquired by a private equity firm in New York City. We have raised funding from Rockefeller and Lemelson Foundations, Enbridge Energy, the GSM association among others.


    • Manage relationships with the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)
    • Ensure that sales managers are receiving the support they need in relation to mobile money and marketing materials from the MNOs
    • Troubleshooting issues when they arise with Mobile Network operators
    • Enhancing the image of the Company with all MNOs
    • Coming up with strategies to ensure that customers are always able to pay through mobile money when they want to
    • Ensuring that all sales points are set up with mobile money, and able to serve customer mobile money needs
    • Ensuring that 3rd party mobile money agents in sales areas are aware of the Company, and are able to transact payments on behalf of customers
    • Promoting the customer use of their own mobile money wallets
    • Other duties as assigned



    Basic Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Fluent in at least 3 of the local Ghanaian languages


    • Must have problem solving skills
    • Strong relationship management skills
    • Must have technical knowledge of Mobile Money Networks and Systems
    • Must be a people person



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