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  • Merchant Advisor

    Job Title: Merchant Advisor

    Job Code:

    Reports to: Head of Sales

    Purpose of Position

    To generate revenue by soliciting and selling products and services under the Company brand.

    Responsibility and Authority

    • Prepare an individual sales forecast for all the products and services
    • Consistently follow up on clients until the clients purchase or decline to do so
    • Ensure that a contract is signed by authorized signatories of the client for supply of services and that the contract is supplied to the finance department for processing
    • Collect the amounts due to the Company from the client
    • Obtain from client all documents required to provide the subscribed services
    • Prepare and submit a daily report on activity and sales
    • Prepare an individual performance report at the end of each month with detailed explanation for any major variances from the forecast
    • Make a report of the behavior/trends in the market as observed by self to facilitate corporate strategic planning and business development
    • Supply a quarterly portfolio review analyzing the performance of all clients under his/her portfolio in terms of services purchased and revenue earned.

    Key Result Areas

    • Secure sales in line with set targets and standards
    • Ensure service agreement contracts are duly signed upon payment for service

    Key Performance Indicators

    • New revenue generated according to monthly targets
    • Complete client documentation available
    • Achieve target conversion ratio
    • Daily report by next day 9.00 am
    • Monthly report on performance by 1st day of following month

    QMS (Quality Management System) Outputs

    • Individual sales plan and monitoring
    • Individual sales cycle tracking
    • Client requirements information and corresponding solution
    • Market intelligence reporting


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