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    Job Brief

    A decent hospitality company that specialized in both continental and local dishes based in Accra, is looking for an experienced Executive Chef. The ideal person should have 5+years working experience outside Ghana and must have the expertise in preparing local and continental dishes

    Key Responsibilities

    The Executive Chef will be responsible for;

    • Menu design, development and adaptation.
    • Resource procurement and inventory.
    • Ensure all food safety regulations are followed and displayed on templates.
    • Inspect the quality of the food and ingredients.
    • Be aware of new culinary trends and recipes.
    • Coordinate all of the kitchen staff.
    • Hire and train new kitchen staff.
    • Manage special dietary needs.
    • Oversee purchasing to stay within certain budget.

    Key Requirements

    • Bachelor’s degree in the culinary arts.
    • Ability to adapt to new environments and find solutions.
    • Budgeting skills to control costs.
    • Incredible food preparation abilities.
    • Ability to handle multiple tasks at once.
    • Deep knowledge of the food industry and trends.
    • Incredible time management skills.
    • Ability to pass a background test.
    • Ability to create new menu items.
    • Knowledge in Continental and worldwide types of cuisine.
    • Knowledge in pastry and worldwide desserts.
    • Ability to create and maintain the restaurants own identity.




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