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    An international Solar systems and asset financing company that uses mobile technology to provide consumer-financing solutions for solar and other products to low-income customers in West Africa. The management team has started several companies in Ghana, and their last company was acquired by a private equity firm in New York City. We have raised funding from Rockefeller and Lemelson Foundations, Enbridge Energy, the GSM association among others.


    • Evaluate the allocated amount of calls per day & submit report to the relevant Team leader & the QE Supervisor on a daily basis.
    • Achieve departmental productivity requirements (e.g. number of calls monitored per month on schedule, number of emails evaluated, etc.).
    • Facilitate remote call monitoring sessions as needed
    • Recommend Side-by-side monitoring as needed
    • Adhere to the guidelines set by the unit, when evaluations are carried out.
    • Maintain forms and definitions documents
    • Demonstrate proficiency with respect to the skill sets process, procedures and product
    • Ability to transition between various units/sections in the call center.
    • Demonstrate mastery and comprehension of quality standards.
    • Ensure all quality and operational standards are maintained in line with company expectations.
    • Participate in coaching and feedback on occasion.
    • Participate in operations meeting.
    • Proficiency in use of Quality reporting
    • Report results of evaluations to appropriate Quality/Operations stakeholders daily.
    • Prepare & submit the Weekly & monthly reports on time.
    • Facilitate program specific internal calibration sessions.
    • Participate in calibration sessions for the pertinent teams on a weekly/ monthly basis as requested.
    • Participate in performance improving task forces.
    • Participate in internal quality audits and recommend changes.
    • Updating of the call library on a weekly basis.
    • Identification of common reasons for non-achievement of recommends corrective actions.
    • Identification of new processes & existing process level issues & escalation.
    • Responsible to participate in re-training sessions conducted by the training unit & sign off the checklist on training versus conducted.
    • Responsible for carrying out tasks & assignments given by the management.
    • Support management focus on review of key drivers, metrics and operational processes (including Training)
    • Take responsibility & care of call center property and equipment.
    • Alert promptly, the Quality Manager in the event of any anomaly or malpractice within the call center.



    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Ideal candidate must be Fluent in Ewe, Hausa, Ga-Adangme and Krobo Ghanaian languages.


    Skills and Attributes

    • Passionate about customer care.
    • Experience working with MSOffice.
    • Able to work well under pressure.
    • An excellent communicator.
    • Proven leadership abilities.
    • Able to coach other CCRs.
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