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    Delegation is a vital part to being a product leader – and organization. If you’re not careful, you can run the risk of unproductive delegation – the kind that gets a task done but little long-term impact.

    When delegating, seek for the intermediate-, and long-term benefits in addition to the short-term gains and goals that are attained. Here are some benefits to consider and reach for in your delegation process:

    1. Train and Develop.A leader who is others-aware is always looking for opportunities to build their teams’ individual skills. Identify each person’s needs and pair what need to be done with what they need to grow.
    2. Build Weaknesses as well as Strengths.Delegated task can help someone take a strength and stretch it further. But some of the best growth is to give someone responsibility for an area or skill set that needs more developing. If you don’t work on your leg strength, you can never be a good cyclist. If you hesitate to work on people’s opportunity areas, they will never build those skills up and they may never be a well-rounded leader at some point.                                    Kindly click on the link below for more….




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