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  • African Bagg Recruitment

    ABR is a business services consultancy that offers Recruitment, Headhunting, Executive Search, Assessments as well as Training, Payroll Accounting and other business related services to companies in Ghana and the Sub-Saharan region.

    Why African Bagg Recruitment?

    African Bagg Recruitment’s core strengths lies in our unique ability to adapt to our clients varied requirements. We offer a bespoke service, which is purely driven by our client’s specific needs.

    Our Expertise

    Over the years ABR has developed a strong reputation in the market place by helping international companies set up and development in Africa. ABR specialises in Oil & Gas, Telecommunication, Media, Banking, Construction and Real Estate sector.
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    Current Jobs

    JOB PURPOSE A core part of the integrated OR&A team, the role will be a focal point for the development and implementation of Operations standards, processes ... READ MORE
    JOB PURPOSE To develop and establish on behalf of Development Projects the Asset systems as well as maintain the position of Group Technical Authority to provide ... READ MORE
    JOB PURPOSE To maintain the Operations Philosophy and appropriate underpinning operating standards and processes. To ensure that the operational plans are realistic and reflect the Operating ... READ MORE

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